Make paginated requests to the API endpoints

How it works

When you send a request to endpoints that supports pagination, you can use some query parameters that allows you to navigate between pages and limit the data returned per page.


  • page: Number of the page to navigate to.
  • limit: The maximum number of results that can be returned on one page.
    • The default limit value is 15.
    • The maximum limit value is 50.


All endpoints that supports pagination their response body returns an extra object called pagination.
This object includes the following informations:

    "data": ["..."],
    "pagination": {
        "path": "", // Full path of the endpoint excluding page parameters
        "total": 10, // The total number of data (of all the pages)
        "limit": 15, // Limit query parameter
        "current_page": 1, // The page currently being requested
        "last_page": 2, // The last page
        "has_more": true // TRUE means there's more pages that can be requested